Revu 21 & Virtual Environments (Citrix, etc.) Revu 21 & Virtual Environments (Citrix, etc.)

Revu 21 & Virtual Environments (Citrix, etc.)

Mia Khan Mia Khan


How does Bluebeam v21 subscription model run in virtual environments (i.e. the Citrix environment)?


Subscriptions will behave differently depending on the environment. To clarify the definitions:  

  • Persistent VMs: Each user’s virtual desktop has personal settings, including favorites, shortcuts, passwords, and screensavers. Users can save files, change configuration, and customize at will. Their experience is akin to a physical desktop. 
  • Non-persistent VMs: The desktop state is automatically destroyed at regular intervals. Depending on company policy, it could be at each logoff, every night, or even once a week. Whenever it happens, nothing is saved. All of a user’s activities, settings, and files are erased. Each subsequent time the user logs on, they get a clean master image.

After Bluebeam's research and testing, they reported the below results based on the two scenarios: 

Persistent environment

If the customer uses Persistent machines, the user logs into the same machine daily. So if using Citrix with Persistent machines, there should not be any issues, and customers can proceed with the Subscription just fine.

Non-persistent environment

Subscription will have some limitations in Citrix non-persistent environments.  Non-Persistent is the issue here.

Example: If a user logs into a non-persistent machine and logs into Revu 21, and that user DOES NOT log out of Revu, the machine is closed and destroyed, and the user's login under that machine name is still retained on 10Duke for 7 days.  If that same user logs into 5 more non-persistent machines (say 1 machine per day) and signs into Revu, they'll run out of devices until those are released from 10Duke after 7 days. 

Until there is a resolution for this, customers who utilize a virtual environment with non-persistent machines should avoid using a subscription model.



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