Known Issues with Desktop Connector 16 or 16.1 Known Issues with Desktop Connector 16 or 16.1

Known Issues with Desktop Connector 16 or 16.1

Eden Davis Eden Davis

Syncing is not working: 

When moving to DC 16.X, it is highly recommended to start with a clean environment. AKA perform a clean uninstall of DC 15.X (Instructions: Troubleshoot Desktop Connector (Clean Uninstall)), clear any TEMP folders, restart the machine, etc.

On occasion, the issue may persist even in a clean environment. In this case, DC 16.2 should contain a fix when released! In the meantime, a workaround can be found here: Resetting Desktop Connector version 16.x to default to resolve local cache issues

Desktop Connector is crashing on startup: 

See 'Syncing is not working' as it is believed the two issues are related.

When is DC 16.2 planned for release?

March 2023

Note: 16.2 will automate the workaround found above to reduce the burden of IT/Admins.

Can DC 16.2 be deployed?

Yes, the instructions will be released in the 16.2 release notes in March.

Is it recommended to postpone moving to DC 16 until the 16.2 release is available?

Yes, 16.2 will be a far better experience. We recommend reviewing the Desktop Connect 16.X FAQ and testing workflows before upgrading. Note: 16.0 and 16.1 are no longer available to be downloaded and installed


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