How to format Revit Schedule column units. How to format Revit Schedule column units.

How to format Revit Schedule column units.

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How do I format the units of a column in a Revit Schedule?


For most columns in schedules that have units. 

  1. Select a cell in the column or the column header. 
  2. On the ribbon "Modify Schedule/Quantities" in the "Parameters Panel" click "Format Unit" as shown in the image below. If "Format Unit" is unavailable, go to the section on Combined Parameters.
  3. You may need to uncheck "Use Project Settings" to allow for customizing the settings, shown in the image below. Set the settings as needed and click "OK." The column should now be formatted. 

Combined Parameters

If you followed the direction above, and the "Format Unit" field is not available, most likely, the column is a "Combine Parameter." Combine Parameters will not let you format them because they reference the formatting of whatever parameters they combine. The original schedule fields must be formatted for this column to be correct. 

  1. The formatting of a column can be found in the "Formatting" property of the schedule.
  2. On the Left side of the dialog, select one of the fields that are in the combine parameter. On the right side, click "Field Format..." This will allow you to format that field. Repeat this step for each field that is in the combine parameter. 
  3. Click "OK"

More information about Combined parameters can be found here, Help | Combine Parameters in a Schedule | Autodesk


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