How to get AutoCAD colors in Revit How to get AutoCAD colors in Revit

How to get AutoCAD colors in Revit

Mike Jeon Mike Jeon


Would like to get colors in Revit to match the color of layers used in AutoCAD.


Layers in AutoCAD are defined by color numbers, but Revit colors are defined by RGB values.

Affected Software

All Versions of Revit


AutoCAD colors are represented by an AutoCAD Index Color, but they also show the equivalent RGB values in the True Color tab. This RGB value can then be applied in Revit as a default for the family category in Object Styles, in the Visibility/Graphic Overrides of a view or view template, or in the case with some family categories, such as Duct and Piping Systems, assigned in the Graphic Overrides parameter within the family type properties.


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