How to replace a corrupt Cloud Workshare Model in Autodesk Docs How to replace a corrupt Cloud Workshare Model in Autodesk Docs

How to replace a corrupt Cloud Workshare Model in Autodesk Docs

Mike Jeon Mike Jeon


Revit model saved in Autodesk Docs with Cloud Worksharing enabled is showing signs of corruption, i.e. crashes or errors upon opening.


There are numerous reasons for Revit Workshare models to become corrupted at some point, and not worth attempting to find ways to avoid.


The corrupted model should be replaced by a backup of the model using one of two options:

Option 1: Copy a Local Model from CollaborationCache

Local models for projects using Cloud Worksharing are saved to the "CollaborationCache" folder for each user as shown in the path below:

C:\Users\<USERNAME>AppData\Local\Autodesk\Revit\Autodesk Revit 20xx\CollaborationCache

Note that the names of the folders after "CollaborationCache" are automatically generated for the ACC Account Hub, ACC Project, and Cloud Workshare models. The names will not make them obvious to identify the models and will require other methods to select the correct one, such as by the Date Modified or by changing the view type to "Extra Large Icons" in File Explorer.

If the corrupted file is a linked model, then it should be saved to a "LinkedModel" subfolder.

Option 2: Download a Published Version from Autodesk Docs

Find the model file in Docs and click on the Version number. Select a version of the model and click on the button with the three vertical dots. Select "Download Source File" to download the model.



Replace the Corrupt Model

After obtaining the backup, delete the existing model in Autodesk Docs, as Cloud Worksharing will not allow for existing models to be overwritten.

Also delete all existing local models for the project and allow for the models to be remade in the CollaborationCache.

Open the backup model in Revit and resave to Autodesk Docs with Cloud Worksharing enabled.