Sharing in Autodesk Construction Cloud Sharing in Autodesk Construction Cloud

Sharing in Autodesk Construction Cloud

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If someone were to ask how to share something in the Autodesk Construction Cloud, beyond downloading the file or opening it in the web, what are their options?


Autodesk Construction Cloud has many ways to create, store and share information across stakeholders in the AEC Project Lifecycle. To that end it allows for sharing data from within the "Files" section of the tool sometimes referred to as the Common Data Environment(CDE). 

Below are the typical ways someone can share a file or folder with users in Autodesk Construction Cloud. 

You can share files and folders with:

Share Files and Folders

  1. In Files, select the checkboxes of the files or folders you want to share.

    Note: You can only sync folders if you share with another project.
  2. Click Share to open the Share dialog box.

You can now select whether you want to share with another project, other project members, or anyone with the link.

Share with Another Project

Members with View + download permission can quickly share files with another project without having to download files and upload them again. When you share, the latest versions of the selected files are copied over to the target folder.

Note: You can't share Data Exchanges with another project.
  1. Select Another project from the share dialog box.

  2. Select Automatically sync updates to target project if you want to automatically sync files in a selected folder. This means if a file is updated or added to the source folder, the file will version up or be added to the target folder.

    Note: Only files in the added folders will sync. Their subfolders, files in their subfolders, or individually selected files will not sync.
  3. Click the Select project field to view the projects that you can access.

  4. Select a target project.

  5. Click the Select folder field. You need at least Edit permission for the target folder that you want to select.

  6. Select a target folder. If the target folder has already reached its maximum subfolder level limit, either select a different folder or contact support for help.

    If you select a naming standard enforced target folder and the holding area is not enabled in the target project, you can't share with that folder.

  7. Check your selected items and click Add folders to add a folder containing the files you want to sync and / or share.

    If you choose to share and sync a naming standard enforced folder, this folder won't be naming standard enforced in the target project.

    If any of the selected items have errors, you will have to remove individual files if you have selected automatic syncing, or remove any folders that are already synced to or from another project.

  8. Click Select

  9. Click Share. You will receive an email when all the items are added to the target project.

If file or folder name already exists in the target folder, the shared item will automatically append (1) to their name.

Note: Only the Name and Description attribute values copy over to the target project.

View project sync status

You can see if a file or folder is synced to or from another project in the Files tool. The Indicators system attribute shows left or right arrow values to show the direction of the sync

→ : The right arrow shows that the file or folder is syncing to one or more named projects.

← : The left arrow shows that the file or folder is syncing from another project.

Hover the icon to see more information about the sync status and which project the file or folder is syncing to or from. Click See details to view more information in the Bridged projects tab of the Bridge tool where you can more easily manage automatic syncing to and from projects.

Share with Project Members

Select Project members with view-only access or higher to email or copy links to files or folders.

Select one of the following version options:

  • Current version at time recipient opens
  • Current version at time of sharing

To email members individually, through their role, or company affiliation:

  1. Click the email tab
  2. Click the Recipients field
  3. Select the checkboxes next to any user, role, or company, or start typing to bring up suggestions.
  4. Click Save after your selections are made.
  5. Add a note if necessary.
  6. Click Send.

To copy links:

  1. Click the Link tab.
  2. Copy individual links or Copy all.
  3. Click Close.

You can now paste the links from your clipboard to share with other project members.

Share with Anyone

When sharing with the public, anyone receiving the link may access, download, or further share the link.

Note: You can share Data Exchanges but they can't be downloaded. To view a Data Exchange, open them using the Files tool.

A project administrator needs to enable public sharing by doing the following:

  1. Click Files from the left navigation to open the Files tool.

  2. On the right of the screen, click the Settings drop-down and choose Advanced Settings.

    Note: For more information, see Advanced File Settings.
  3. Enable public links for files by clicking the toggle to On.

  4. Select how long you want the links to be valid up to 365 days.

Once public sharing is enabled, members with View + Download permissions can generate links to share files and folders with anyone.

  1. Select Anyone with the link from the share dialog box:

  2. Click the Link expires field to specify the date when the links will expire.

  3. Select one of the following version options:

    • Current version at time recipient opens
    • Current version at time of sharing

You can either email the links or copy them to your clipboard to share through another method.

  • Email: Click the Email tab. Enter the email addresses of the recipients separated by a comma. Add a note if necessary and click Send.
  • Copy links: Click the Link tab. Either Copy individual links, or click Share all to create a link to all the shared items. You can paste the links from your clipboard to share as required.

When the recipient opens a shared link, they'll access a landing page where they can download individual files or Download all files.

Note: Currently, the issues and photos feature markups do not export into the downloaded files.

You can delete the links to folders and files you've previously shared publicly.

  1. Select the checkboxes of the previously shared files and folders.
  2. Click the More menu  above the main list of files and choose Delete shared links.
  3. Click Delete to confirm.

Contact Support

If you are still experiencing issues or have further questions, please reach out to our support team Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM—5:00 PM EST: