Energov eReviews Issue: Bluebeam Sessions not closing Energov eReviews Issue: Bluebeam Sessions not closing

Energov eReviews Issue: Bluebeam Sessions not closing

Eden Davis Eden Davis


A session(s) is not closing from the Energov eReview Integration.


This is a commonly encountered error that could be triggered by one of several causes:

  • An unknown error or network error has occurred that prevents the session from closing within the integration
  • A maintenance or outage has occured
  • A snapshot error has occurred and Energov cannot receive the necessary data
  • There is a workflow-related issue preventing multiple sessions from closing via the integration

Affected Software

ex. Bluebeam Studio Sessions, Bluebeam Prime, Energov eReviews (Tyler Tech)


While our team doesn't directly support Energov products, we are familiar with common workflow and integration issues that affect customers. Please see the steps below to resolve issues with Bluebeam Studio Sessions not closing in Energov.

Close the Session Manually in Energov

  1. On the Review Coordinator page, navigate to Incomplete Tasks > Needs Attention (#)
  2. Select the failed submittal (see screenshot below):

  3. You will see a message like this one (see screenshot below):

  4. Select the Actions menu in the upper right corner of the failed submittal (...) > Close Bluebeam Studio Session (see screenshot below):

The steps above are the most common way to resolve this issue. However, sometimes the session is unable to close because of a Snapshot Error. In this case, Energov isn't able to receive the snapshot/files from Bluebeam via the integration. This issue should be resolved in current versions of eReviews, however, snapshot errors may still slip through the cracks now and then due to a variety of things including AWS outages, Studio Sessions maintenance, etc.

If you cannot resolve the issue with the steps above, please keep reading.

Close the Session Manually in Bluebeam to Workaround a Snapshot Error

  1. Open Bluebeam Revu
  2. Download files to the local drive
  3. Finish the session within Bluebeam Revu (Instructions can be found here: Finishing a Session)
  4. Upload the files to the eReview Files tab either as New Versions of Existing Files or a completely New Version (see screenshot below):

This effectively works around the error by resubmitting the files differently.
We recommend checking and subscribing to the Bluebeam Services Status page. See more information here: Is it possible to see Bluebeam Server Status?
Lastly, if you're experiencing ongoing issues with eReviews, I highly recommend reaching out to Tyler Tech support at the following URL: Tyler Tech | Client Support

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