Getting Started with CADD Community Getting Started with CADD Community

Getting Started with CADD Community

Mia Khan Mia Khan

Welcome to CADD Community! Below are steps to help learners and admins get started and experience everything CADD Community has to offer. 

Intended Audience:

This guide is for any CADD Community end users. Administrators can find Admin Only actions also listed and noted at the bottom. 

Topics Covered:

  1. Creating and logging into your CADD Community account
  2. Dashboard tour
  3. Enroll in courses and download content
  4. Navigate Admin Account (Admin only)
  5. Add learners (Admin only)
  6. Submit support ticket

Creating CADD Community account

  1. All non-admin users should receive an Enrollment Key or Welcome Email forwarded to them from their administrator.
    • Administrators will have received an automatic email confirmation of their account creation, a link to login to CADD Community where they can reset their password, and an enrollment key to forward to their users.
  2. Click on the link in the email which will take users to CADD Community to Submit Enrollment Key or login with a username and password.
  3. Finalize account profile details to create account.


Administrators should not forward the enrollment key to more users than their total number of allotted seats. 

Dashboard Tour

Once you have logged into your account, you will be taken directly to the homepage. Below is an overview of how to navigate your CADD Community dashboard.

Account Icons

At the top right of your screen, you will see your Account Icons.

  • Magnifying glass icon: Search feature that can be used to look up any key words. 
  • Envelope icon: Inbox for system messages or notifications.
  • Profile icon: Find and edit any user profile settings such as change password, etc.
  • Stacked icon: Menu that provides quick links to help navigate the user account.

Function Tiles

The rest of the dashboard houses several tiles, each with a different function.

Launch Pad

This is where users will start when logging in for the first time. Below is an overview of each:

  • View All Courses: Browse all the courses available to your users. If you also purchased access to the Global eTraining (GeT) library, you can access GeT content here. 
  • CADD Library: Browse all content provided by CADD Microsystems which includes exclusive on demand courses, applications, add-ons, and downloads for user's software. 
  • My Company U: If applicable, users will find custom courses created specifically for their company here.
  • Support: For any inquiries or assistance, please submit a support ticket to our helpdesk. 

Resume Courses

After enrolling in courses, users can use the Resume Courses banner to be taken directly into their last courses. On demand training will pick up right where the user has left off. 

Featured Courses

Users will find new featured courses offered that may help utilize their software.

Enroll in courses and download content

Users can browse courses and content by clicking “View All Courses” to see the entire catalog of courses available. After users find a course they want to take:

  1. Select Activate to enroll
  2. Select Start to load the course content
  3. Select Start to launch the lesson


For the specific Revit CADD Apps, go to CADD Library > Revit Resources > Plugins and Scripts > CADD Add-ins for Revit > download each of the tools. 

Navigate Admin Account (Admin only)

Administrators will have access to all of their users, course content, reporting, etc. Below is a guide to the Admin Interface.


To navigate to the Admin Interface, you can login to
Or you can first login normally to CADD Community. From the stacked icon at the top left, admins will click on Admin from the pop up sidebar. This will automatically direct admins to the Admin Interface Dashboard.


The admin main dashboard has buttons at the bottom that will allow you to Add a Course, Add User, or Update your profile. 

Depending on your purchased license, you may have different options available to you for access. 



The side menu located on the left is the primary navigation tool. It is organized into group areas that expand when clicked on. You may have access to some or all of the below, depending on your admin level purchased. 

  • Courses — Set up everything related to your online and instructor led courses
  • Users — Useful for managing and organizing Users and Administrators.
  • Engage — Browse articles, billboards, and more
  • Reports — Presents user activity in a variety of ways.
  • Setup — Contains all global items like Saved and Generated Reports, and email templates.

Add and Remove Users (Admin only)

Add Users (Admin Only)

Some admin levels will only have access to send an enrollment key to their users so their users can create their own accounts. If you were sent an enrollment key, please forward the URL to your users.

Other admin levels allow admins to manually add their own users. To add a new user, admins need to navigate to Users Tab from the left side menu. From there, click add a new user on the right side menu. 


Enter in the user details including their email address which will be their default username. You can create a password which will be temporary - they will be prompted to change it once they login for the first time. 

Under the Account section, if no changes are made here the user will be a Learner (standard user) and take up one of your learner licenses. If you want to designate a user as an Admin, you can also toggle on Admin. Note, you can have users be Admins only without being a Learner and they will not take up a learner license. You can also have multiple Admins. 


Click Save on the right hand side to save your changes and create the new user. They will be sent a Welcome email immediately. 

Remove Users (Admin Only)

To remove a user and revoke their license, navigate to Users Tab from the left side menu and select the user from your user list. 

When a user is selected, you will see a variety of Action options on the right hand side. Choose Edit User. 

In the user's General section, scroll down to see the Active button. Toggle this to Inactive and click Save. This will remove the user and revoke their license. 



Not all administrators have access to add users - only system administrators to Global eTraining and CADD Community can do the below. If admins don't have access to the below, add users by forwarding new learners the Enrollment Key or contacting support. 


Contact Support 

Contact Support

If you are still experiencing issues or have further questions, please submit a support ticket from the Contact Support button the main dashboard. You can also contact our support team Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM—5:00 PM EST.