Using the Custom Install tool in the Autodesk Account Using the Custom Install tool in the Autodesk Account

Using the Custom Install tool in the Autodesk Account

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How do I create a software deployment or package of products for installation?


Can I download all Autodesk Collection software at once?


For most 2022 releases and later, you create deployments from Autodesk Account using the Custom Install tool. 

Select and customize your products

1. Sign in to Autodesk Account at

2. Select Custom Install from the left navigation pane under Products and Services.

3. If this is the first time you have visited the page, or if you don’t have any saved packages, click Create Your First Deployment.


4. Select the license type from the drop-down menu. Only products with the same license type can be added.


5. In the Add A Product section, select one or more products to add to the deployment package.

Note: If you don't see a product listed, you can download it from All Products and Services and select Create Deployment in the installer.


6. As you select products, you can customize them in the right panel. You can select the version, language, custom settings, language pack, and plug ins. 

Note: Custom settings apply to every instance of the product installed from the deployment. After you create the deployment, you can't change these settings. Serial numbers and product keys automatically appear based on your license type.


Enter settings and create the deployment

1. After selecting the products you want in the deployment package, click Next to go to the Install Settings. You can go back to the previous step by clicking the section header.

2. Enter a package name. You can optionally add a package description. 

3. For the installation type, choose Deploy. (If you choose Install instead, you create a package of products to install on your own device.)

4. Enter a deployment image path. This is the location on your network share where the deployment is created. Use a valid Windows folder path.

5. Enter a deployment log file path, if necessary. The default path is shown in the illustration. Each installation of the deployment writes diagnostic information to this log. Use a valid Windows folder path.

6. If you selected the Network license type, add the license server information by clicking Specify License Server and then clicking Save.

7. Expand Advanced Options to make other package changes, such as changing the default installation path.

8. Confirm the settings then check I agree to the Terms of use

9. Click Download to automatically download the package, or Save to save the package for later without downloading. 



For further reference, please see the below Autodesk Knowledge Articles: 

- Create deployments from Autodesk Account

- Create deployments from the classic installer for products earlier than 2022



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