How to Reset Licensing to Fix Common License Errors How to Reset Licensing to Fix Common License Errors

How to Reset Licensing to Fix Common License Errors

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How do I reset my software license after getting a license error or purchasing a new license type?


Users may get a license error that forces them to reset the license type. Usually, this occurs when the wrong license setting is registered in the software and needs to be reset. The process for changing or resetting your license may vary according to the software release.

1. Start your Autodesk software.

2. At the upper-right, click the triangle next to the username. Select Manage Licenses.


3. In the License Manager dialog box, select Change License Type or Activate.


4. The Let’s Get Started screen appears. Choose your correct license type.


A video tutorial of this process can be found here.

Manual Reset

If the above process does not work for you, or you cannot initiate it (for example, you don't see the Let's Get Started screen or your software doesn't open), follow the below instructions.

Autodesk 2020 Releases and Newer

Follow the below instructions if you don't see the Let's Get Started screen, or your software doesn't open.

  1. If you’re signed in to the Autodesk desktop app or Autodesk cloud-based services, sign out. See How to reset local login cache for Autodesk desktop software.
  2. Open a command prompt on Windows (run as administrator) or a terminal in macOS or Linux.
  3. To change the directory to AdskLicensingInstHelper, run the following commands:
    • Windows
      cd %CommonProgramFiles(x86)%\Autodesk Shared\AdskLicensing\Current\helper\
    • macOS
      cd /Library/Application\ Support/Autodesk/AdskLicensing/Current/helper/
    • Linux
      cd /opt/Autodesk/AdskLicensing/year/helper/
  4. Next, in the Command line, run the following:
    • Windows: 
      AdskLicensingInstHelper change -pk product_key -pv year.0.0.F -lm ""
    • Mac/Linux: 
      sudo AdskLicensingInstHelper change -pk product_key -pv year.0.0.F -lm ""
      Note: In the commands above, replace year and product_key with your software release year (e.g., 2020 for AutoCAD 2020) and product key. See this page for a list of product keys: Autodesk Product Key Lookup.

      Below is an example of the command prompt entries for resetting the software license for AutoCAD 2020:
  5. Start your Autodesk software. On the Let’s Get Started screen, select the appropriate license type.


For Autodesk 2019, 2018, and 2017 releases


  1. Delete the following file:
  2. For a single-user license, delete the following folders and files (Note: If the folders and files are hidden, see Show hidden files):


    C:\Users\user\AppData\local\Autodesk\Web Services\LoginState.XML
  3. Restart the Autodesk software.


  1. If you don't see the Get Started screen, delete the following file:
/Library/Application\ Support/Autodesk/CLM/LGS/ProductKey_ProductVersion.0.0.F/

2. For a single-user license, also remove the following folders and files:

/Users/username/Library/Application\ Support/Autodesk/ADUT (if it exists)
/Users/username/Library/Application\ Support/Autodesk/Web Services/LoginState.xml
/Library/Preferences/FLEXnet Publisher/FLEXnet (Delete all files that begin with "adsk" - Do not remove any non-Autodesk files from the FLEXnet folder)

3. Restart the Autodesk software.

Note: To make hidden files visible, go to Finder > Go > Go To Folder. Paste in the path, and press Enter.

For Autodesk 2016 and earlier releases

To reset the license on software older than 2017, you must perform a clean uninstall: How to Perform a Clean Uninstall of Autodesk products on Windows.


For further detail, please see this link: How to change or reset a license for Autodesk software.



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