'0 Seats Available' in Autodesk Account '0 Seats Available' in Autodesk Account

'0 Seats Available' in Autodesk Account

Mia Khan Mia Khan


There are no seats or licenses available to assign to a user. 


The license is either currently assigned to another user and needs to be reassigned, or the license was automatically assigned to the admin and needs to be reassigned. 

Alternative: If all your assigned seats are taken up, and you need an additional software seat, speak with your sales rep.


The license will need to be unassigned from the old user. Then the admin can reassign it to another user. 

To unassign a user:

  1. Sign in to your account at manage.autodesk.com and click User Management > By Product.
  2. Select the product to view the list of currently assigned users.
  3. Click Unassign next to the name of a user to revoke their license. 

To assign a user:

  1. Go to User Management > By User.
  2. Select the user profile to view products that can be assigned to them.
  3. Select a product and click Assign.


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