How to create a template file How to create a template file

How to create a template file

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How do I create a template file for future use?


Templates are a starter file for every drawing you do in AutoCAD. It holds all the layers, units, annotation styles, dimension styles, etc., in your drawings. Having items in a template file enables you to start your drawing or project with all the initial setup work already done for you. No need to add all these items every time you begin a file.

There are two methods for creating a template file:

Template file from scratch

  1. Go to: File>New and select a default template in AutoCAD, to begin with. These templates are basic and only contain default content.


2. Add the necessary content to the file, such as Layers, Units, Annotation Styles, Dimension Styles, Blocks, etc

  1. Once the content is added, you then need to save this file as a template file (File>Save As)
  2. Change the file type to .DWT


  1. When you change the file type, you will see that AutoCAD changes the folder location to its default template location. You can certainly change this, but this default location comes up when you select File>New. Save your template file by giving it a name.
  2. Finally, when you create a new drawing, you will see your new template file in the list.



Template file from existing drawing

  1. Open your existing file that has the content you want to use.
  2. Delete the physical contents of the file so that there are no drawing elements left.
    • Note: Only leave your pre-existing layers, annotation styles, units, etc.
  3. Just as saving the template file as a new name, you will save this .DWG as a .DWT file and give it a name


Now when starting your new drawings, you will start with all the content you created previously.

If you want to share your template with others, copy the template folder from its stored location and give it to others to put in the exact location. That way, everyone will start with the same content. This will help all drawings look the same regardless of the user creating them.

You can also change the path in your Options and point the template location to a network-shared folder so everyone can share the same template file.


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