Find out who is using a Network License Find out who is using a Network License

Find out who is using a Network License

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How can I see which users are using a network license or ensure no one is using the network license?


There are two different ways to find out which users are using a network license:

  1. Use the Debug.log File
  2. Check the Status Enquiry

Method 1: Use the Debug.log File

This method will allow you to see a chronological record of your user's check-ins and check-outs to record who uses the file and manually confirm that the license server is no longer in use.

  1. Open LMTools
  2. Navigate to the Config Services Tab
  3. Take note of the path to the Debug.log file.
  4. Click View Logmceclip1.png
  5. You'll be presented with another screen showing the debug.log file. (Alternatively, you can navigate to the path and open the file in your favorite text editor.
  6. Scroll down until you start to see the chronological check-ins and check-outs:mceclip2.png
  7. The general format for these is: 
    • HH:MM:SS (adskflex) Behavior (IN/OUT/DENIED) "FlexLM_Feature_Code" MachineUser@HostName
    • You can find the start date for the server to understand where the time starts counting from. You can also delete/rename the debug.log file and select a new one for the service to make sure you are getting data from the current date/time.

Method 3: Check the Status Enquiry

This method will show you a snapshot of all users currently logged into the software at any given moment in time. It's very accurate at capturing active users but can miss users that are infrequently accessing the software. 

  1. Open the LMTools software
  2. Go to the Server Status tab
  3. Click Perform Status Enquiry (wait a couple of seconds)
  4. Review the output. You will want to scroll down to Feature usage info. These are all the licenses on your server. Simply look at each item and make sure you see “Total of 0 licenses in use.” If any licenses are in use, that information will be displayed in the same window. Track the user down and make sure they have updated their workstation’s licensing to use the new name user setup.



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